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MSc in theoretical physics, graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, department of theoretical physics (Russia)


Programmed for both science and business. Scientific programming includes work done in Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia), University of Virginia (VA, USA) and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (IL, USA). Experience in software development for business includes work for CROC Inc. (, SOLID IFC ( and OJSC Promsvyazbank ( with main specialization in creating software for trading on Moscow Exchange (MOEX), international trading platforms and interbank currency exchange.


«My main area of interest since my school years was science. At the beginning of my programming experience, making software was just a necessary technical detail to get some valuable result in physics, but my vision of this area has changed when I started exploring it as separate field of knowledge. It turned out that software development itself is an incredibly interesting field where your imagination is unbounded by any limits and space for ideas for creation technologies useful to developers, companies and customers is infinite. What gives even more inspiration is that many of these ideas can be implemented by means of a team of few enthusiastic people with knowledge of technologies and the subject area. One of these ideas lies behind our “soft debugging tool” Telescope.


I believe that this tool will help many teams of developers and will give them new ways to create more reliable and flexible applications, which in turn will allow our clients to increase their revenues and satisfy their customers.»



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